Effective sales support can really help build strong business relationships and increase company’s reputation within the industry. … Having an effective sales support person or team can help eliminate dissatisfaction and keep those word-of-mouth referrals coming.

What is the prime objective of a business? Customer satisfaction and profits. These two objectives move parallel and are equally important.

How can we satisfy our customer?

Of course, you need to make a product that meets or even surpasses their expectations. But, is that it?

No, making a great product is one thing. But, helping your customers in any possible way after selling the product is equally important. A business must make sure that the customer’s queries and ambiguities are properly answered even after selling the product. In short, a business must consider after-sales services as important as selling its product.

What is After-Sales Service?

After-sales support or after-sales service means to support or services a business provides to its customers after they buy a product from the business. After-sales service is a modern and very effective tool to satisfy and retain a customer.

The next thing that may pop up in your mind is who provides the customer support or after-sales service?  A product goes through different hands until it reaches the end consumer. Therefore, a manufacturer, retailer, or even a third party may provide the after-sales service.

Types of ShopWinx-After-Sales Services

  • Pre-installation Services

All the products in the market come with some sort of manual with them. These manuals contain basic information for using the product for the first time. It is very easy to use some devices for the first time. Some devices demand expert advice.

Providing pre-installation services for items such as a copier machine or an air conditioner will greatly facilitate the customer. Some companies do it for free, while some charge a bit for it.

  • Initial Training

Most of the household items are easy to use. They demand no training or expertise. Proper training is mandatory before the usage of industrial machinery.

The medical equipment provided to the doctors demands technical expertise. This is essential that the user is having complete information about the usage of a machine. Most of the time, the companies arranging these machines provide the initial training.

  • Online Support

Almost all multinational companies have dedicated a helpline for their customers.

The company helplines can be accessed conveniently round the clock. The company representative listens to the query of the customer and provides proper guidance for convenience.

  • Replacement/Return

Companies provide replacement policy or even return of their product. This service comes with proper terms and conditions are associated with it. After the sale of the product, this service lasts only a few months.

Replacement can be either of the entire product or one part only. The return of the product is facilitated with a refund or another product from the same company. However, every company has a different policy.

  • Upgrades

This post-sale service is often provided by electronic or software companies. The upgrades provided by the software companies for a limited time is a classic example.

The over-the-time update provided to the iOS users encourages them to buy apple products. These upgrades are necessary for the functioning of the device. The companies deploy this strategy for a limited usage of their products.

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